Ring in the Japanese New Year with O-sechi! おせち料理

This year I ordered Osechi from a sushi shop. So excited!
What kind of Osechi will it be? I couldn’t wait to open it up! I’d also like to introduce the meanings of all the different foods.

What’s Osechi? When we make gifts to the gods for the blessings of nature and good harvests, we call those gifts “Sekku”. “Sekku Ryori” is when those gifts are used as food, eaten with an expression of thankfulness for the blessings of nature and while wishing for continued blessings with fishing and farming.

“Sekku Ryori” is the origin of today’s Osechi.

Red and White Kamaboko
– For starting a new life. (Red = Repel demons, White= Purity)

Mashed sweet potatoes with chestnuts
– Blessing for finances, and for continued abundance

– For the blessing of children.

Lotus Root
– For a steady new year with no surprises. Also for many children.

Bitter orange
– For the prosperity of descendants

Herring roe
– For children and descendants

Small dried sardines or anchovies
– For large crop bounties…



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